photos from somme

Pascal Lando, photos & texts – Jean-Pierre Belliard, translation

Photo of Curlu, Picardy


« It was the end of the world and we really did not know where our lines were finishing nor the German lines were starting, both of layouts merging in a waterlogged meadow planted with young yellowing, sickly, shrivelled poplars and stretching to the marshes where the lines inevitably broken to begin again on the other side of the flooded valley and the meandering waters of the Somme river... » — Blaise Cendrard

River Somme and Frise in Picardy A snow shot in Picardy
Quai Bélu in Saint Leu, Amiens A photo à water, river Somme and bay
Christmas market in Amiens A photograph of natural framing in Picardie
A picture of the Somme Valley, Picardie A shot of haze in Picardy
Naked beach during off season Photo of Hortillonnages in Somme
Picardy fair, Amiens 80
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