photos from somme

Pascal Lando, photos & texts – Jean-Pierre Belliard, translation

Photo of a deer in Somme

fleeting meeting

Here and there in our area, at the bend of a field, at a wood's edge too, it is not unusual to meet the glance of one or several deers. Going near these animals is rather delicate because of their exacerbated senses. In the meantime meeting them is so intense...

The Somme in a snowy day A deer view in Picardy
Aves Chordata tit pic A picture of rabbit
A picture of snow-coated path Shooting Picardy water scapes
Flowers pictures, insects A picture of Somme Valley
The Somme forests photos Devil's darning needle
Picture of tits : greenfinch Horses pictures : HENSON
Photo of a touristic train, narrow-gauge railways A photograph taken near Abbeville in Somme
Primate in Picardy, gibon lar
This website in French: Images en Somme
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