photos from somme

Pascal Lando, photos & texts – Jean-Pierre Belliard, translation

The gardens of Hortillonages, Amiens in picture


In Amiens, the Hortillonnages were made from former marshes into a huge garden extending over 300 hectares. The waters of the Somme and the Avre rivers supply a giant net of « rieux » (little channels) making this area very fertile to cultivate market garden produce sold,in turn,on the water market held in the city. During season visitors may stroll on special boats with a raised end (cornet).

River Somme and Frise in Picardy A snow shot in Picardy
Quai Bélu in Saint Leu, Amiens A photo à water, river Somme and bay
Christmas market in Amiens A photograph of natural framing in Picardie
A picture of the Somme Valley, Picardie A shot of haze in Picardy
Naked beach during off season Photo of Hortillonnages in Somme
Picardy fair, Amiens 80
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