photos from somme

Pascal Lando, photos & texts – Jean-Pierre Belliard, translation

Photo of aWhite-handed Gibbon

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This Lar Gibbon (Hylobates lar, White-handed Gibbon), a resident of the Amiens zoological garden seems to undertake a meticulous search... Located in the centre of the city (La Hotoie), the zoo of Amiens is a calm, pleasant and accessible place that allows you to get your strength back thanks to the neighbourhood of monkeys, elephants, otaries, and numerous other animals.

The Somme in a snowy day A deer view in Picardy
Aves Chordata tit pic A picture of rabbit
A picture of snow-coated path Shooting Picardy water scapes
Flowers pictures, insects A picture of Somme Valley
The Somme forests photos Devil's darning needle
Picture of tits : greenfinch Horses pictures : HENSON
Photo of a touristic train, narrow-gauge railways A photograph taken near Abbeville in Somme
Primate in Picardy, gibon lar
This website in French: Images en Somme
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